[admin] What is top posting, and why should you avoid it?

Alexander W. Janssen yalla at fsfe.org
Sat Jul 19 04:13:30 CEST 2008

Andrew Berg wrote:
> Alexander W. Janssen wrote:
>> Andrew Berg wrote:
>>> On a side note, is there any reason I didn't see the last message
>>>  I sent to the list?
>> You're using Gmail... And probably IMAP? Common problem. Google 
>> calls it a "feature". You need to open the "All Mail" folder 
>> instead of the inbox.
> I'm using POP3 (IMAP wants me to be connected to the internet when I
>  read my mail.

Naaa, not really. You can do that with IMAP too, in Thunderbird for
example just do a right-click on the folder you want to have locally -
go to the offline-tab and check the "Select this folder for offline use
checkbox. Not a big deal. YMMV with other email-clients though.

> It also wanted to have the same messages in the Inbox folder as well 
> as the All Mail folder. How silly.

Yeah, Google makes a difference between Inbox and "All Mail". They have
this enormous stupid claim:

"Messages sent to mailing lists don't show in my inbox
When you send a message to any mailing list you subscribe to, Gmail
automatically skips your inbox and archives the message to save you time
and prevent clutter. The message will appear in your inbox if someone
responds to it or if there is an error delivering the message. If you'd
like to view your message, you can find it in Sent Mail or All Mail."

Oh yeah baby, how convenient...

> Anyway, I don't have an "All Mail" folder (probably because I'm not
> using IMAP)

I don't know about POP3. But with IMAP you surely have that.

> I even double-checked my preferences and I do have the list set to 
> mail me my own messages.

Yeah. Though since you can also use IMAP for offline use if you tell
your MUA to download the folders, it works just perfectly.
Apart from the fact that Google's IMAP-servers have been quite sluggly
the last couple of months...

Hope that helps,

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