so how do you get others to sign your key?

John Clizbe JPClizbe at
Wed Jul 23 07:14:10 CEST 2008

Rick Valenzuela wrote:
> Lawrence/kurt c wrote:
>> And remember my name is Lawrence. This kurt account I created on a whim
>> to test Enigmail, so I just typed in some garbage, thinking that I'd
>> discard it later. But no, I'm enjoying this Enigmail.
>> And by the way, I live in Los Angeles. If anyone from here wants
>> key-signing, I'd love to participate.

I miss L.A. grew up in LB and spent a couple years "Behind the Orange Curtain"
six years ago.

BigLumber is a good resource for finding folks nearby
> it's good that you're having fun and psyched on GnuPG, but to go through
> with a key-signing, the Kurt persona won't cut it. You'll have to create
> a key associated with your real name, so you can offer up an acceptable
> photo ID with that name during the meeting.

You can keep you existing key by adding a new UID with your real name and
revoking the other UID. Won't be able to delete it though.

If you decide to start over with a new key, revoke the unwanted key so it's not
orphaned out on the servers.

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