identical files -> non-identical encrypted files

Ian Zimmerman itz at
Tue Jul 22 04:38:19 CEST 2008

Ian> I have a problem to solve :(

Robert> I fail to see the problem.

Not your fault, since I didn't say what it was :-)

I have a local file that I want to encrypt and upload to a remote
machine in encrypted form.  Encrypting is farily quick, but uploading is
slow, so I use rsync for the other (unencrypted) files.  But the fact
that the encrypted file is different each time defeats the rsync
incremental upload.

A partial workaround is only encrypting when the plaintext file is newer
than the encrypted one, but it's not bulletproof because sometimes the
plaintext _does_ get saved even if it's identical.

Not a huge deal, in all, but someone must have faced this situation before.

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