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kurt c kurtc1972 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 00:54:35 CEST 2008

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Faramir wrote:
> Charly Avital escribió:
>> kurt c wrote the following on 7/22/08 8:11 PM:
>>> I followed the instruction and typed into my command prompt gpg --export
>>> -a 0x8e758d5f>mykey.asc in order to create an ASCII armored version of
>>> my key and somehow I got the reply:
>>> "access is denied".
>> You are a Windows user, I don't know whether the command should be
>> gpg.exe, instead of gpg only.
>   No, it works fine without the .exe
>> Be that as it may, in MacOSX, the command line is
>> gpg -a --export 0x8E758D5F > mykey.asc
>> gpg -a --export 0x8E758D5F>mykey.asc will work too.
>  I tried this one, on Windows XP, and it works fine...
>  I like gpgshell, it provides a good GUI for most of things I need to
> do... just google it and you will find it. (for kurt c)
> Best Regards

no, i typed in my windows vista command prompt: gpg -a --export
0x8e758d5f > mykey.asc and i only get "access is denied". i guess no one
knows why.
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