so how do you get others to sign your key?

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> On Mon, 21 Jul 2008, kurt c wrote:
>  . . .
>> My name is Lawrence, by the way. I created this email account on a whim
>> to  test Enigmail, that's why it has this kurt c stuff on it. And now
>  . . .
> Do you know that, as I understand things, Google saves
> and records of, and analyzes including for affinity
> grouping, all the email content and email accounts you
> communicate with, and so by using gmail you are in some
> small way compromising the privacy and maybe security of
> everyone posting on any email list you get email from?

  Writing a plain text email, gmail or not, already does that... do you
know if your ISP sniffs your messages? Do you know if my ISP does it? Do
you know if somebody in the list is an SPECTRE agent?

  Gmail's policy states they don't have people readying the emails, and
it also says they respect your privacy and don't give that info to
anybody... of course, we don't have any way to know if they actually do
that... but I would be more afraid about other instances that don't even
say what they do or what they don't do... and, after all, that is the
reason why PGP and GnuPG were invented...

   And... here comes the best part of this: the messages sent to the
list are available at the list's web site, and no subscription or login
is required to access them... so no doubt, even if gmail doesn't search
the message's content, google, yahoo, msn, and all other searchers
surely have indexed them with their robots... unless there is a
robots.txt file stopping them... but it won't stop any bad boy...

   I don't understand why you say to Lawrence he is "compromising the
privacy and maybe security of everyone posting on any email list you get
email from?", in special, because he is not the first nor the only one
using a gmail account...

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