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Well I apologize if in my newness I missed any replies.
But I don't think I did.
My problem:
I am a physician, so I tend to work on these locked-down
computers in various hospitals.  Electronic medical records
are OK, but really there is no replacement for a patient list,
such as a to-do list (labs to check up on and phone numbers to
call the patients regarding test results etc).  I have no intention
of leaking patient related information or even a fragment of a
social security number or a phone number etc... so I want to be
able to write myself an electronic note (ie. notepad) and encrypt
that note either symmetrically or preferably to my personal public
key for safe-keeping.  I also want to be able to take that note
with me and open it when I am somewhere else (like on another computer).
I noticed that the computers I work on do not let me do invasive
things such as install GNUPG (ex. gpg4win).  I did find some website
that is a bit out of date talking about running GPG off of a USB drive.
Has anyone done this sorta thing.  I mean I would even try using Truecrypt
but even that program's guest feature still requires Truecrypt to already
be installed by someone with administrator access.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also I wanted to thank whomever it was that mentioned biglog, I signed
up and inserted in my key.  I noticed one can also create a keyring.
Not real sure how that is used.  I would love to get every (or any) other
physician using GNUPG.  I think making webs of trust and sharing them
with pharmacies could really help decrease the cost of healthcare by
permitting e-prescribing and keeping out the pharmaceutical industry.
Well that could be a whole other post in itself.

Best regards,

- -Steve (gnumd) 0x1036DFBA
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