Updating GnuPG to 1.4.9

Laurent Jumet laurent.jumet at skynet.be
Tue Jun 3 10:29:25 CEST 2008

Hello MastahYoda !

MastahYoda <mmlith at utu.fi> wrote:

> I'm running GnuPG on Windows and I would like to update my old GnuPG to
> newer version, 1.4.9. How can I do it so, that I can still use my existing
> keys? I tried quick-and-dirty method in my test machine and copy-pasted only
> new exe-files to my old gnupg-folder. Obviously it didn't work, because I
> couldn't find any keys when running --list-keys.. So does anyone know how to
> update correctly? Thanks!

    Install GnuPG1.4.9 and by default, main program will be in C:\GnuPG
    Copy your actual keyrings in C:\GnuPG\Keyrings
    Additional plug-ins like IDEA.DLL are in C:\Lib\Gnupg

    Pubring.gpg and Secring.gpg are the default names for GPG; may be your actual keyrings are not in that format but look like .pgp .pkr .skr, so you only need to import them once, to create the .gpg files.

Laurent Jumet
      KeyID: 0xCFAF704C

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