Automating Decryption using gpg --batch --passphrase-file or gpg --batch --passphrase-fd 0

John Clizbe John at
Thu Jun 5 06:35:06 CEST 2008

guk guk wrote:
> I tried to automate decryption of pgp files by running this command line in
> windows xp
> gpg --batch --passphrase-fd 0 < passphrase.txt --output "OUTPUT.CSV"
> --decrypt "OUTPUT.CSV.pgp"
> or
> gpg --batch  --passphrase-file passphrase.txt --output "OUTPUT.CSV"
> --decrypt "OUTPUT.CSV.pgp"

The general form is

gpg --batch --passphrase-file <passFile> --output <outputFile> --decrypt <pgpFile>

The first is wrong

    gpg --batch --passphrase-fd 0 --output <> --decrypt <> < <passfileName>

The second looks correct, the quotes around the filenames are generally unneeded
on Win32, but shouldn't break things.

> but it's always failed. It always throw an error
> gpg: encrypted with 2048-bit RSA key, ID , created 2008-05-08
> gpg: public key decryption failed: bad passphrase

The bad passphrase error points to your passphrase file being at fault. Check
that your passphrase file is the same exact length as the passphrase.

Use DIR at a command prompt or any program that will do a hex dump for you.

A <CR><LF> (hex 0x0d0a) at the end of the passphrase in the file will cause the
passphrase to fail. <LF> (0x0a) alone seems to work as well as no line ending at

notepad can be used to create the file without line endings.

These problems go away by removing the passphrase from the key. And remove the
charade that things are all that secure when the passphrase is in a file
readable by anyone with enough access.

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