PGP doesn't import trust signatures w/ depth > 8 on keys exported with GPG

bezna george.davidescu at
Fri Jun 13 20:35:08 CEST 2008


I'm using PGP Desktop 9.8 and I noticed when I export a public key from GPG
and import it in PGP, any trust signatures made on it with GPG and given a
depth greater than 8 are lost. Presumably this is because of constraints
within PGP, IE the maximum trust depth that can be set in PGP for a
signature is 8.

I was wondering if anyone can provide a rationalization for why this is?
Ostensibly even a trust signature of depth 2 carries enormous power with it,
but there is no such cap on GPG. Furthermore, why are signatures in GPG with
a trust depth greater than 9 marked as a 'T' on listings, even though the
depth of the signature still matters (e.g. a trust signature with a depth of
14 is still more powerful than one of depth 12, even though they're both
labelled 'T'). 

Many thanks,


P.S. Sorry about the flurry of questions recently. I'm new to GPG and PGP,
have searched the list archives but I'd like to have greater in-depth
knowledge on some issues.
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