passphrases: the police and subkeys scenario

Rick Valenzuela rick at
Sun Jun 15 08:55:32 CEST 2008

Hah, good point. And should it ever come down to that, I hope access to 
a lawyer is possible (and worthwhile) at that point. But both your and 
Matt's suggestions are good to have in the playbook. The border trick is 
a pretty good precaution (groan).


David Shaw wrote:
> An easy way to handle the police scenario you give is to remove the
> passphrase from your key, use --export-secret-subkeys to export just
> the subkeys to a file, then put the passphrase back on your key.  Give
> the police the subkey file, and you're done.  They then have the
> ability to decrypt, but don't have your primary key.
> That's just talking crypto, of course.  If it ever comes down to this
> in the real world, I'd recommend talking to a good lawyer before you
> do anything.
> David

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