PGP bug? Does not recognize primary uid

Jorgen Lysdal j.lysdal at
Mon Jun 16 16:11:04 CEST 2008

Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> There are five answers here:
> (a) This is a PGP question, not a GnuPG question.

So any question on compatibility should be sent to the PGP forum? :)

> (b) GnuPG is performing correctly.
> (c) PGP is performing correctly.


> (d) Implementations are given leeway in deciding how to interpret a
>     primary userID.

Interesting. I assume there is a good reason for this? I mean, does it
not defeat the purpose of primary uid´s if they are not recognized
between different software?

> (e) This behavior is not a bug, much less a ridiculous one.

Well, at the time it was absolutely clear to me that it was a bug in
PGP, since it would just be another one on the list(And yes, many of the
bugs in PGP are ridiculous) Guess i was just wrong on this one.

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