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I have a question about style, etiquette, and practicality with
disseminating GnuPG info in an email. Hope this question isn't too
silly, but I assume that over years of use,  general customs have
developed, and I have no idea what they are.

Is there any customary practice for including GnuPG/PGP information in
an email -- whether to put it in your sig file, or in the comments of
your GnuPG signature? Is it  useful (or preferred) to have the GnuPG
version in the GnuPG signature comment, or frowned on to use/not use the
comment from Enigmail or FireGPG?

I'm playing around with my email sig now, wondering what to include, but
aiming for something short, useful and not redundant or "tacky." It
feels silly to put my keyID and a URL to my public key there and also
have it tucked away nicely in the header, but who looks in headers? (For
all I know, having that in header information is useful for other
people's spam filters.) I had a link to my public key in the GnuPG
signature comment, but then just moved it to my sig. I made a DSA
signing key partly because I wanted a relatively short signature, so I
thought it was better to leave that block mess as short as possible. I
didn't include a fingerprint, figuring instead to put that on new
business cards.

I did do a search for this, and the best I found dealt mainly with forum
postings and lists:

What are your practices for this? Is anything seen as useless or gauche?


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