TEXTMODE Option in Gpg4Win ?

Larry Seabrook larry_seabrook at yamaha-motor.com
Wed Jun 18 18:03:42 CEST 2008


We are using the Gpg4Win product for encrypting files.

The files we are encrypting and sending are text files with carriage-return and linefeed characters at the end of each line (record).

The receiver of these files needs the CR and LF characters preserved by the encryption-decryption process. The files contain valid text data only.

When the file is decrypted by the receiver using another PGP-compliant product, the CR and LF characters are lost.

I BELIEVE we need to use the TEXTMODE=ON option when encrypting the file but the GUI for Gpg4Win does not reference this option, not can I find any reference to a Configuration File in the Gpg4Win GUI or documentation.

QUESTION:  How is TEXTMODE=ON or it's equivalent set when using Gpg4Win?



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