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Tue Jun 24 06:27:56 CEST 2008

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David Shaw escribió:
> Put this in your gpg.conf:
>  personal-cipher-preferences aes256
>  personal-digest-preferences sha256
>  personal-compress-preferences zip
> GPG will then use those algorithms when possible, but will never use
> them if it would make the recipient unable to decrypt.

John W. Moore III escribió:
> setpref will broadcast to the Recipient's Keyring what You desire but if
> You wish to _demand_ Your installation to use Your Preferences then You
> will need to add the following lines to Your gpg.conf:
> personal-cipher-preferences S9 S2 S13 S10 S4 S12 S8 S11 S7 S3 S1
> personal-digest-preferences H10 H9 H8 H11 H6 H3 H2
> personal-compress-preferences Z3 Z2 Z1
> Now, PAY ATTENTION:  These are the lines from MY gpg.conf and unless You
> have built Your version of GnuPG to Support TIGER192 [H6] or Camellia
> [S10, S11, S12] then those designations will _break_ You being able to
> use Your installation.

  Thanks for the answers. I am a bit confused about if I should use
names like aes256 or codes like S9. Also, do I have to include all the
cipher/digest/compress algorithms available to my installed gpg, or just
  one or two? The idea would be "if you can, use this one, if not, do as
you wish/can"

  Also, I couldn't locate the list of equivalences between names and
codes, like AES256 - S9 in the gpg.man file... I found a list using
google, but it is for an older version, which didn't include all the
things available in version 1.4.9...

Best Regards
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (MingW32)
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