_almost_ working, now a command line question...

John Clizbe JPClizbe at tx.rr.com
Sat Mar 1 00:20:04 CET 2008

Maury Markowitz wrote:
> So after finally deciding to trust that gpg was giving me an accurate
> error, and that the passphrase really was wrong, I spend the last week
> scaring up someone within the labyrinths that could actually change
> the key to the one that we know works. Presto! Working file.
> Lesson learned: You CAN simply copy binary key files from pgp to gpg,
> which is really nice.
> All that's left now is to fully automate this, and my Windows CMD
> noobishness is an issue. Here's my command line:
> O:\Utilities>echo o:\apricing\pass.txt | o:\utilities\gpg --homedir o:\utilities
> \ --passphrase-fd 0 --load-extension o:\utilities\idea.dll -o "o:\apricing\morga
> n_cds_20080229.txt" -d "o:\apricing\24476.txt.pgp"
> And here are the results (slightly trimmed to protect the innocent):

> pass.txt absolutely has the right key in it. I tried both | and >, the
> later did nothing at all (which I guess makes sense).
> Anything obvious here?

You could try

--passphrase-file o:\apricing\pass.txt

after removing --passphrase-fd

This is *very* sensitive to line endings. I had to run dos2unix on the
passphrase file before the command would work. DIR or 'ls -l' on the passphrase
file should show a length one greater than the character count in the passphrase
(just <LF>). Windows will create the file with <CR><LF> and the <CR> will muck
things up.

You may also wish to include --batch on the command line.

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