GnuPG (win32) on a USB stick

nunzky funkdude at
Tue Mar 4 00:02:02 CET 2008

Thanks everyone of you, you have greatly enlightened me concerning the
security risks associated with my endeavor. I will have to rethink my plans,
but for now, I think John's idea of setting GNUPGHOME seems like the best
idea to me.

However, for convenience, I'd like to maybe use a batch file to set it and
open a command prompt. This would require me to be able to set it to a
relative path (ie, not have to specify a drive letter, as it will change).
Is this possible?

As for GPGShell, it seems pretty good, but I'd prefer to just keep my old
command line if I can.

The last version of GPG2Go I could find is 1.4.1, which seems pretty
outdated. Also, the author says it is the exact same thing as the official
gnupg except repackaged as a zip. Which doesn't solve the problem of gpg
writing to local disks by default.
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