_almost_ working, now a command line question...

Sven Radde email at sven-radde.de
Tue Mar 4 07:06:15 CET 2008


John Clizbe schrieb:
>  Using the Gnu version of echo with the suppress newline option 'echo 
-n' to
>  create passfile is also an option, probably the best.

FWIW, I just created a text file using *notepad*, containing 
"1234567890" (without pressing enter after that line, and without the 
quotes) and the length is shown to be exactly 10 bytes (by 
rightclick-properties and dir).
This file can be used as --passphrase-file for a key that I generated to 
use 1234567890 as passphrase.

cu, Sven

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