How to establish a company web-of-trust

Karl Voit devnull at
Mon Mar 17 17:23:39 CET 2008

* Karl Voit <devnull at> wrote:
> I want to establish secure email communication in our company
> (Windows, Outlook, gpg4win). I do not want to maintain a keyserver
> by myself.
> My attempt: every employee generates his own keypair and exports the
> public key to a keyserver. I as the admin downloads his key from the
> server, compares the ID with the employee and signs the key with the
> "central company key".
> Any communication partner can check, wether the key of the employee
> was signed by our official "company key" which is downloadable from
> our web site.
> So far so good - I think.
> But: what if an employee quits the company? Can I revoke the
> signature? WinPT (as a key management frontend) does not seem to
> provide this feature.

I just found out that WinPT does not provide all options that gpg
(command line version) provides :-(

So my current attempt is: the employee has to add the company key as
a revoker and then export it to the keyserver. So the company key is
able to revoke any employees key.

This seems to be a clean attempt for me now.

Any suggestions?

Karl Voit
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