Decyrption via scheduled task fails

bdorroh briandorroh at
Wed Mar 19 16:25:54 CET 2008

I'm using v1.4.8 for Windows. I've have a batch file setup to decrypt a file
and then to move the decrypted file to another location for further
processing. I can successfully decrypt the file by double-clicking my batch
file. But when I setup a scheduled task to run it, the decryption fails. I
can confirm that the scheduled task is executing, but I can't figure out why
the decryption fails as a task. Obviously, I can't see the output.

I've tried outputting the results to a file, but it only shows the command
executed and not what actually appears on the screen when run manually.
Also, i do have the path to GNU set in the windows path statement.

Any ideas here? I'm really stuck.
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