Help with version gpg-agent on Mac-Tiger

Robert D. 210525p42015 at
Thu Mar 20 21:24:08 CET 2008

OK .. I followed a couple of leads in google and there were some references to 
Tiger mentioning liklihood loginwindow and startup items my not be honored. 
One fix included changing permissions to system and also wheel

did that, restarted computer .. tried decrypting one of charly's emails and 
got the oddest request for passphrase but inside a terminal window. it didn't 
accept it, put * in a few places and plain-text in others and then TB just 

Tried it again but this time TB just did the time-out after  minute or two and 
error box with gpg stuff and "timeout" trying to get at passphrase.

Went back to telling it to use "gpg", which is 1.4.8 and it works again.

anyone ?

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