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Fri Mar 21 01:49:16 CET 2008

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> From: bdorroh

> I'm using v1.4.8 for Windows. I've have a batch file setup to decrypt a file
> and then to move the decrypted file to another location for further
> processing. I can successfully decrypt the file by double-clicking my batch
> file. But when I setup a scheduled task to run it, the decryption fails. I
> can confirm that the scheduled task is executing, but I can't figure out why
> the decryption fails as a task. Obviously, I can't see the output.
> I've tried outputting the results to a file, but it only shows the command
> executed and not what actually appears on the screen when run manually.
> Also, i do have the path to GNU set in the windows path statement.

Here's something you might try.  Let's your scheduled task is calling
a.bat.  Have it call b.bat, where b.bat is

   @echo on
   a.bat > output.txt 2>&1

That should give you stdout and stderr from cmd.exe, as well as

You might also try checking for differences between the set of
environment variables your batch file sees under Windows task manager
vs the set of environment variables your batch file sees from an
interactive login session.


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