Help with version gpg-agent on Mac-Tiger

Benjamin Donnachie benjamin at
Sat Mar 22 14:27:29 CET 2008

Steve Revilak wrote:
> The macports gpg2 package only includes pinentry-ncurses.  For me, I'd
> assume that means the passphrase prompt _has_ to come from a terminal.
> Since I use a curses-based MUA, that's fine.  But I don't know how
> well it would work for a Carbon app like Thunderbird.

I have a version of pinentry that works natively on the Mac.  It is my 
intention to split the current mac-gpg2 distribution into separate 
components and add an intelligent installer.

However, I am very busy at the moment so you'll have to put up with the 
following zip for now -


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