urgent gpg help needed with regards to file size.

khurram.humayun khurram4life at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 20 19:34:36 CET 2008

1. i always use binary format when transfering via ftp. but in this case i
can safely say that is not what is causing the issue.

2. now i nkow that the encryption process inherently compresses the data. i
am just wierded out but the fact that the same public key and file always
compress to some different file size each time? 

i am using the solaris 5.8 and gpg 1.4.7. i am not sure if this os would
have those issues with truncating the data? 

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>>Subject: urgent gpg help needed with regards to file size.
>>i also know i am using the correct public key because they are in each
case are able to decrypt the last file (the smallest size. of course they
used to be >able to decrypt all the other large size files as well till now)
> How are you transporting the files?  If you are using FTP you need to make
> sure you use BINARY mode for the transfer or it will do nasty things to
> the file.  (You can also encode the data with ascii armor and it will
> prevent FTP from mangling the data.)
>>in addition when i run my script 2 times each time it gives different
results except for the last file generated in each case. 
> Gpg compresses the files as part of the encryption process.
> Another thing is if the file is bigger than about 2 gigs or so, older Oses
> that do not handle large files may truncate the data.
> Version: 9.5.3 (Build 5003)
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