Decyrption via scheduled task fails

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Tue Mar 25 06:08:26 CET 2008

Dorroh, Brian wrote:
> Ok, now I'm getting somewhere. I logged in as the local service account
> that was running the batch file. When I ran the bath file manually it
> failed.
> So I logged back in as my domain account, changed the scheduled job to
> run as my domain admin account, and then ran the job. This time it
> worked!
> So basically the local system account isn't finding the key to decrypt.
> I sort of remember something about this. Doesn't the GnuPG installer
> dump the keys in the profile of the account that installed it? I
> installed GnuPG with my domain admin account, rather than the service
> account.
> Is there a simple way to fix this? I guess I could copy my user profile
> over if nothing else.

In the Local Service user's hive create a Registry key:


Within this key create the following value

    Type:  REG_EXPAND_SZ
    Name:  HomeDir
    Value: %APPDATA%\GnuPG

There are other values, but HomeDir is the more important. The GnuPG installer
only creates these values for the user running the installer.

Then make sure that the directory %APPDATA%\GnuPG exists and contains the
keyring files: pubring.gpg, secring.gpg, and trustdb.gpg; containing the secret
key (and its public half) needed for decryption and any public keys needed for

Being the Local Service user, this profile is probably also local, so
%APPDATA%\GnuPG probably expands to
"C:\Documents and Settings\Local Service\Application Data\GnuPG"

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