GPG 4 Win / Public Key / Invalid Key on Import

John W. Moore III jmoore3rd at
Tue Mar 25 08:31:04 CET 2008

Hash: SHA512

Allen Schultz wrote:
> My friend is getting an invalid key upon importing my key. I will
> email a copy of the asc for those who want to try to see if I'm
> exporting it incorrectly, or she has invalid/corrupt install. She is
> using 2000 on computer and xp on another. I have xp, and she's been
> trying it both.

I am unsure about how You could be exporting Your Key incorrectly.  I
was able to Import Your Key 'automatically' via
hkp:// but did receive the "invalid Signature"
Error.  Therefore, I would appreciate Your sending Me Your Key as an
attachment via Direct Email.  I shall be glad to receive Your Key and
compare it with the one retrieved from the Keyservers.

What I am noticing at present is that You have a DSA 1024/4096 Key with
a 1 year lifespan [as currently configured].  A 4096 encryption sub-Key
is not the considered 'Default' for DH/DSS [DSA] Keys so I assume that
this was created deliberately.  What My Enigmail Console indicates is:

gpg: armor header: Hash: SHA1 gpg: armor header: Version: GnuPG v1.4.7
(MingW32) - WinPT 1.2.0 gpg: original file name='' gpg: Signature made
03/25/08 01:55:04 using DSA key ID 9C2D2BB6 gpg: BAD signature from
"Allen Schultz <Allen.Schultz at>" gpg: textmode signature,
digest algorithm SHA1

Is it possible that Your Friend is confusing a 'Bad Sig' with an
'Invalid Key'?

JOHN :-\
Timestamp: Tuesday 25 Mar 2008, 03:30  --400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9-svn4711: (MingW32)
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