OpenPGP card stopped working

Stephan Hermann sh at
Wed Mar 26 22:53:09 CET 2008


Andreas Grassl wrote:
> Sven Radde schrieb:
>> Am Sonntag, den 09.03.2008, 15:05 +0100 schrieb Sven Radde:
>>> Apart from applying the regular patches, the only action I remember that
>>> could possibly have an impact on GnuPG was installing the "seahorse"
>>> package. However, removing it again did not change anything.
>> Update: It works again. Simply removing the seahorse package left a
>> "seahorse-agent" process running, which was apparently responsible for
>> the hassle. Only after a reboot that was gone, too...
>> Cheers, my OpenPGP card is back!
>> All that's left is to wonder why seahorse (in particular its agent)
>> breaks a working smartcard setup...
> I had the same problem here. Uninstalling seahorse solved my issue. I
> run Ubuntu 7.10, gpg 1.4.6 and thunderbird 2.0.12 with enigmail 0.95.6.
> In thunderbird it didn't work to do anything regarding the CryptoCard,

Seahorse is known to not work with smartcard setup...I had very same the

Enigmail you can workaround, you just give him a key id like this
"0x<your key id>!" <-- the "!" is important

Just like you do when you want to avoid the use your card (thx to the
guys here from the list, who gave me the hint ;))



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