Gnupg and my Mac

Robert D. 210525p42015 at
Fri Mar 28 19:14:30 CET 2008

This current line of thought about running gpg2 on the Mac is germane.  While 
I am currently running  compiled 2.0.9, thanks to a *lot* of help from Charly, 
I also want to run it in Apple's

OK ... here's the rub ...for example, I open Mail and it tells me a series of 
missives about not finding a recent version of gpg because the current gpg 
version is 2.0.9 and is not 1.4.x ...OK, DUH <I smack my head>

I run the gnupg.prefpane 1.2.2 and she tells me to locate gpg svp.
I then switch over to Root, logged in ... I am presented with a "Finder" window.

Well, gee, the Finder window only shows non-hidden folders ... in the real 
Finder window, I *can* see /usr/local/bin/gpg2 for I have set a pref to show 
hidden ...... but the gnupg version of a finder, while I am logged in as *the* 
system admin, will not show that ...

Thus, I am unable to point gnupg at the actual locale of gpg2, or anything for 
that matter which currently resides in /usr/ ...

So, while some people might be running Apple's Mail with a 2.x version, I am 
unsure how they did it despite already being told.

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