Poldi and kdesu

Moritz Schulte Moritz.Schulte at rub.de
Sun Nov 2 14:31:11 CET 2008


> But there is a problem with kdesu. It only works when the PIN of my card
>  is already cached.

I cannot really see right now, what's wrong in respect to kdesu. But it
needs to be debugged of course.

Please add to your poldi.conf file something like:

  # Specify the log file:
  log-file /home/moritz/logs/poldi.txt

  # Enable debugging messages

And send me (private mail) the relevant debugging messages. (Note that
poldi.conf is not a per-user configuration file stored beneath ~/.gnupg
but a system configuration file stored wherever your SYSCONFDIR is
located (e.g. /usr/local/etc/poldi/poldi.conf...)).

Furthermore you could do the same for scdaemon/gpg-agent:

In my ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf and in my ~/.gnupg/scdaemon.conf I have:

  log-file /home/moritz/logs/gpg-agent # or .../logs/scdaemon

Make sure that the logs do not contain any sensible information. e.g.
the PIN in scdaemon logs (i think that can happen...).


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