Anyone know what became of the Gaim-E Project?

David Picón Álvarez david at
Mon Nov 3 22:23:08 CET 2008

From: "Ingo Klöcker" <kloecker at>
"There's a slight problem with the seal analogy. The seal has to be
broken before one can read the letter and once the seal has been broken
it does no longer prove anything."

I was referring to seals as in 
and not in the sense of closing a letter with glue. The kind of seals you 
stamp on the letter (or other documents like laws) itself. It's true that 
these seals could also be used to impress over a closed envelope and assure 
confidentiality, so that once opened they could not be used to verify again. 
That would be the equivalent of opaque signing, where you encrypt first and 
sign later.


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