appending to gpg file?

David Shaw dshaw at
Mon Nov 17 19:07:59 CET 2008

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 11:46:30AM -0500, David Kennedy wrote:
> hello..
> I am trying to append new data to a gpg log file id like to keep running.
> Lets say i run
> echo "line1" | gpg -z 0 -r test at -e > testfile
> is there a way to append to testfile and reparse/unencrypt later?
> Concatenating to the file doesnt help:
> echo "line2" | gpg -z 0 -r test at -e >> testfile
> Is there a clean way to go about this from the command line?  Another
> packaging option (hopefully something with minimal overhead)?

Not really.  You can do this as a running append (i.e. keep a file
descriptor open to your gpg process and keep pushing data at it),
which would create one large file.  You can't do it with '>>' as that
creates multiple OpenPGP messages in a single file, which is not
required to be supported by an OpenPGP client.


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