Elementary Question

Andreas Heinlein aheinlein at gmx.com
Tue Nov 25 09:54:31 CET 2008

Jorge Luis schrieb:
> I've googled and checked the docs for an answer to this, but have come
> up empty-handed.
> Is it possible to verify public keys without actually adding them to my
> keyring?  For example, I don't want to add keys from mailing lists under
> most circumstances, but I would like to retreive the correspondent's key
> and verify it.  On the other hand, I'd like to add the key from
> correspondence with private parties to my keyring.  I can configure mutt
> to retrieve selected keys only, but the process always adds the key to
> my keyring.  I'd like to do a "provisional" check of the key if it's
> attached to a mailing list message, without adding it to the keyring.
> I hope my question makes sense.  Thank you for any suggestions

I doubt this is possible, but it is possible to use multiple keyrings
with gnupg using the --keyring option and set the one to import new keys
to with the --primary-keyring option.

This way, you could have a separate keyring for mailing list keys or you
could just use a temporary keyring which you delete afterwards.


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