Smartcard problem (no secret keys) when moving to new machine

mikeb at mikeb at
Wed Nov 26 18:40:59 CET 2008

Summary: secret keys not marked on secret keyring when 'fetch' is used to retrieve card public keys.

I'm using Ubuntu which as standard ships with gpg 1.4.6

When I move to a 'virgin' system, i.e one with gpg but no keyrings, I insert
card, use --card-edit to access the card and then use the 'fetch' command to retrieve
the public key from a server.

All goes well.

If I then attempt to sign using the key on the card, I get a 'no secret key available' message.

If I subsequently issue 'gpg --card-status' this resolves the problem.

It appears that after the fetch of the public keys, the private keyring is not updated.

I have subequently checked this by deleting all keyrings, then using --card-edit/fetch.
After that gpg -K lists no secret keys.
A subsequent --card-status followed by -K DOES show secret keys.

This may be nit-picking but it just cost me a couple of hours to track down.

If it's documented can someone tell me where?


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