Problem with gpg and option --check-options

Michael bushveld at
Wed Oct 1 22:28:56 CEST 2008

Hello Charly, 

thanks for your answer, I have attacht further information at the bottom of 
this mail.

Am Mittwoch 01 Oktober 2008 13:13:35 schrieb Charly Avital:
> Michael wrote the following on 10/1/08 1:00 AM:
> > I am useing kde 4.1.1 and gpg 2.0.9 within kde there is a Program
> > Kleopatra to maintain the keys. This program performs a selfcheck and
> > complains about an option setting:
> >
> > gpgconf: ungültige Option "--check-options"
> there does seem to be such an option as --check-options.
> Whereas the --check option is always (or usually) composed as
> --check-sigs, --check-trustdb, etc.

> So maybe you'd be better erase (or comment) --check-options in your
> gpg.conf file.

These are my settings in gpg.conf I do not really see a check-option, how ever 
this makes sense. Maybe one of the experts sees the problem ?

default-key  923B023B
default-cert-level 2
charset utf-8
keyserver  hkp://
keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve include-subkeys include-revoked import-
clean export-clean import-options import-clean
comment GPG keyID 0xxxxxxxxx - For copy:

Thanks a lot

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