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Todd Zullinger tmz at
Fri Oct 3 15:59:08 CEST 2008

Thomas Chitwood wrote:
> I need to import an additional secret key to my keyring. I am
> running gpg 1.4.5. What is the command to do this? I thought it
> would be "gpg --import-secret-keys <key id>, but that doesn't seen
> to work.

Two problems:

1) There is no --import-secret-keys option.  See the manpage for valid

2) How would specifying a key id for a key that hasn't been imported
yet work?  You can use a key id for keys already on your keyrings or
when searching public keyservers, but for importing, you need to pass
a path or the key data via standard input.

You just want to use "gpg --import /path/to/secret-key" as you would
for importing a public key.  You might also want to set the trust
level on the imported secret key (via gpg --edit-key $keyid trust).

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