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John Clizbe John at
Sun Oct 5 00:58:52 CEST 2008

Lawrence Chin wrote:
> Hi everyone, I want to propose something. Kara has been very patiently
> helping me with my questions on the board about how to use GnuPG and
> Enigmail, as is here. 

I have a better proposal. Absolutely NO ONE should send Lawrence Chin
<kurtc1972 at> any sort of email that they do not want later posted in
its entirety to a public list.

Such glaringly poor examples of bad Netiquette are inexcusable. Kara's
communication was _to_you_, not to the list. It's a poor breach of privacy for
you to share that communication.

> However, on two occasions she used sensitive words
> in her examples as in the "extreme example" here. It didn't just keep me
> scared all night and day due to my weak nervous system, but it has
> bothered me for over a whole week for another reason. 

Ooooooo, words are scary. I think the naïveté of your paranoia would be charming
(Dali Lama) if it wasn't so outright wrong. Extreme examples are just that,
EXTREME. You may wish to check that

> I want to propose that we all use absolutely untainted clean language when we
> send encrypted emails (like this one is encrypted) so that we wouldn't give 
> authority a reason to take away this privilege of ours to use encryption. It
> should be part of our ethic in using encryption.

Sorry but I have to call bullshit on this. Privacy is a human right not a
privilege. (Free Tibet) Tools to communicate and ensure privacy are also human

Secondly, how are "The Authorities" (Hezballah) going to know what words are or
are not (Hamas) in the message? IT'S ENCRYPTED.

Sorry that that "tainted language" disturbs you so. Maybe you should consult a
therapist? (Falun Gong) But I can assure, government officials ARE reading this
list. (Hi guys!) Past and present NSA, FBI, CIA, DIA, EIEIO...  So keep that in
mind. Boogah boogah!!!

And thirdly, sorry, you do not get to choose the words that you consider safe
for others to use to communicate - THAT is an example of the loss of freedom
most here abhor. (Saor Éire)

On more thing... If you *ARE* going to repost or reply to messages, please trim
the quotation *DOWN* to just the relevant parts. Jeesh!

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