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Lawrence Chin escribió:

>  I'm sorry to have failed to observed Netiquette, but I was just too
> afraid. I have been reported before to law enforcement as saying things

  You was reported? By somebody? The *proper* use of encryption should
prevent "somebody" from reading your messages, and signatures should
help to prove who said what was said... But since it is hard to prove if
gpg is being used properly (mainly, if it is being used in a "clean"
computer), maybe you should not take the risk. I suppose you can still
sign your messages, since any attempt to alter them would break the

> which in fact others said to me and got into trouble for that. Law
> enforcement would treat any words in my box as my product, "but others

  Well, I don't know how things work in USA courts of justice, but I
suppose you can have a lawyer to defend you, and I suppose he can ask
the opinion of an expert... since you are using gmail, and it is very
likely you are not deleting the messages, it should be possible to prove
who said what...

> said it" is no defense. So I'm very paranoid about, not just what I said

  Maybe it is not if you say that, but an expert should have more
chances to be believed. But again, I don't really know how justice works

  With due respect to USA, each time I read things like this, I am happy
for not living there... my main concern here is if economy will be
affected or not for things happening outside my country. But at least I
know I can rely on justice to don't cause me problems for things I have
not done or said.

  Best Regards
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