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Oh Aye, have Enigmail plugged in as well.  Before I was using mutt with
gpg,  but moved over to Thunderbird Portable so my email not tied to
just one 'puter or OS.  Though not had lot luck with the Portable run
from wine. (more learning curve) And running it from inside a Truecrypt
file container.

I have gotten signature faults between messages from Firefox/firegpg and
Thunderbird/enigmail with clear signing.  Guess cause I was using inline
PGP and not mime.

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John W. Moore III wrote:
> Werewolf wrote:
>> Just an email to say hello to the list
>> Been using Linux since 2002, but never
>> found any my email folks interested in PGP
>> or GPG.  So finally thought join the email
>> list
> Welcome!  Since You're using Thunderbird I personally also hope You've
> discovered Enigmail too.  :)
> JOHN ;)
> Timestamp: Tuesday 14 Oct 2008, 19:41  --400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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