Decrypting with private key and public key is missing

John Clizbe John at
Thu Oct 16 01:44:27 CEST 2008

Guru_i wrote:
> Hi Im using GPG CL 1.4.9. 
> case is - 
> 1)somebody (trusted) is generating key pair on my behalf(as proxy). But he
> is sending me only my secret key and NOT public key. 
> 2) I was able to import the secret key in gpg keyring using
> --allow-secret-key-import command
> 3) But when I try to decrypt the file (which was encrypted using my public
> key its not with me though) I get error message such as 
> gpg: decryption failed: secret key not available. Though I know I have
> secret key with me.
> Please help

Use gpgsplit and generate a public key file to import:

Syntax: gpgsplit [options] [files]
Split an OpenPGP message into packets


 -v, --verbose            verbose
 -p, --prefix STRING      Prepend filenames with STRING
     --uncompress         uncompress a packet
     --secret-to-public   convert secret keys to public keys
     --no-split           write to stdout and don't actually split

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