add subkey vs generate new set?

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Thanks for the informative Web site (wget a wonderful tool)
But never got a signature myself.  After made my first key, later I
generated a second pair for signing RPM packages on my system. so used
one to sign the other, etc.  So have key with interesting email
addresses. like one use for this list, then another more -business
casual- type contacts.  End of the month Moving to Wisconsin, and hope
find a active LUG, then might actually acquire sigs.

Using that methode kinda like having a keywallet that folks say is you,
and can change out the inside keys as need be, and the outer ID with a
Notarized Signature.  Hmms, that be cool, if A Notary had a key signing
service as well for pgp/gpg keys

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Faramir wrote:
> Werewolf escribió:
>> Another Pondering as every year need bigger bit sized keys to be secure
>> Benefits and Cons
>   IMHO, I would just use 2048 bits keys and focus in keeping the keys
> safe... and using good algorithms. But consider I am not an expert, and
> I am not even an experienced user...
> I found a document today, maybe it is worth taking a look at it:
>> Wondering if adding a bigger encryption/signing sub keys to current key
>> on keyserver leaves the benefit keeping the same finger print? So don't
>> have inform all your corresondences to get a new key from you?  They
>> just have --refresh their public keyrings
>   Yes, you can keep the primary key and change the subkeys... you can
> even remove the primary key (and store it SAFE) and work with the
> subkeys... there is a tutorial about that, and was posted in this list a
> while ago...
>   Look at "Secure Key Generation" in the site
>> Just setting old key to expire and Generate a new set, collect
>> signatures again, change info on web pages and/or bussiness cards?
>   I have not collected a single strong signature in 5 months, so if I
> ever get one, I won't be happy if I have to revoke my key (lol).
>   Best Regards

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