Session Key Questions

Kevin Hilton kevhilton at
Tue Oct 21 17:52:49 CEST 2008

> If the hash output is not enough, then extra 0x00 byte will be added to
> your passphrase and hashed again to produce additional and different
> hashing output. If even this isn't enough, then two 0x00 bytes will be
> added and hashed again, and so on.

Ok -- so just some points of clarification.  What is the default
s2k-digest-algo?  Lets say its SHA1 or for the point of argument I set
it to be SHA1.  SHA1 always produces 160 bit resultants.  Say I want
to use the AES256 cipher.  If I am understanding what has been
reported previously, this requires a 256 bit key.  If the process you
described above works, wouldn't a 160 bit hash always be produced?
Just to clarify in my own mind your process --  If the hash output is
not enough and an extra 0x00 byte (which I think you are telling me
0x00 = 256 0 bits) is added to the passphrase and then rehashed with
SHA1 - wouldn't another 160 bit hash be produced again?  How would a
256 bit hash ever be produced is the SHA1 hash was always used.

Thanks -- I have a feeling I'm getting off in left field here and
missing some understanding of some basic concepts.

Kevin Hilton

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