Key ID format: short or long?

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*Feeling like a newbie*  You know, I never knew or noticed that the key
ID was the last digits of the fingerprint.  And I use to fit the key id
 on one line, and fingerprint right beneath it on the business cards I
print out at home, like the notation on bottom of my signature.  Guess
with professional printing could set the last 8 digits BOLD or slightly
bigger font.

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Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> At least one picture ID and your key's fingerprint.
> This may be your policy; it is not a requirement of the system.
>> They are not going to use the fingerprint to retrieve
>> the key, only to verify that the retrieved key is yours.
> Sure they are.  Where do you think the key ID comes from?  It's the last
> eight hex digits of the fingerprint.
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