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Myself, use apg or wapg depending on what OS I'm on at the moment. wapg
is a windows version of apg that'll run from a ubs drive, also run
portable version of gpg from same usb drive, then just encrypt info to
myself about password, url, username, etc.  Down side, the secring.gpg
ring stored on it as well.  Will have invistigate making a secring only
for decrypting, (sub keys) with the primary sec key stored else where.

And if your mp3 player supports it's replacement firmware
has a 'keybox' to store usernames;passwords.

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Chris De Young wrote:
> Morton D. Trace wrote:
> [...]
>> here are some random 20char ASCII pass phrases
>> bash-3.00$ apg  -a  1  -M  S  -n  20  -m  20
>> ^;@_*-<|./|;&/._;}.!
>> ?<&!\+~&;[//.~_-!|+]
> [...]
> I do actually use some passphrases like this, though usually with more
> letters and numbers in them (generated with gpg --gen-random -a for
> the most part). I make no attempt to remember them; I keep them in an
> application designed for the purpose (PasswordSafe).  Given that,
> there's really no need to limit the length to 20 - since you're never
> going to type it, you may as well use as long a password as your
> application will accept.
> The drawback to this is that if my password store is not available to
> me then none of the passwords in it are either. I also have more
> conventional passphrases that I can remember and type, since there are
> always some things you're going to have to produce from memory, and
> there may be some things you don't want to trust to permanent storage
> at all. Pick the right tool for the job.
> I find that randomly generated passwords work fine for 90+% of my
> password needs though.  :-)
> -C
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