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Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> Secondly I wonder if since my key is 1024 bit DSA that limits the algo
>> usable to say sha1, md5, etc?  Saw a note about "--enable-dsa2" option,
>> not all applications support this yet. Given latency of the net; is this
>> note still very relevant or just slight relevant?
> Your question is not very clear.  I will try to answer it nevertheless.
> Q: Without the --enable-dsa2 option, is DSA limited to SHA1, md5, etc.?
> A: The question cannot be answered.
> Q: Without the --enable-dsa2 option, what hashes may be used with DSA?
> A: SHA1 and RIPEMD160.
> Q: Is the note about app support of DSA2 still relevant?
> A: Depends on who you correspond with.  There are still a lot of PGP 6
>    installs out there.
> Q: Should --enable-dsa2 be used?
> A: Probably.  The sooner we can convince people using legacy systems to
>    upgrade, the better off we'll all be.
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Thanks for info :)
Thinking next key I make going to be a 2048 dsa2 with rsa signing key
and elg encrypt sub keys

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