why people stick to pgp 6.5.8

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> Who was behind the pgp 6.5.8 ckt release?  That seemed like a solid
> piece of software at the time.  If your were using windows, it
> provided a good tray interface, and made encryption/decryption very
> easy.  How does this piece of antiquated software compare to modern
> day gnupg as far as ciphers used, digests used, etc.

IMHO a lot of people are really glued to 6.5.8 because they want an  
easy GUI and quick access. The technology behind does not matter much  
to them as long as they are assured it is relatively safe.
Before the existence of GUI software like seahorse such users who  
just want to encrypt, sign and decrypt their mail or files will not  
be easily convinced to change. More over: those who do not have  
smartcards to keep their keys safe, appreciated the easy way of  
setting a path to their keyrings which they might keep on a mobile  
device (floppy disk, usb-disk).
Following the discussions in this list, there are a lot of  
interesting debates on how to secure data or to ensure the  
authenticity of a message. All is necessary - but IMHO I think  
relatively little is considered of enhancing the technology to make  
it safe to the inexperienced user who definitely will not use  
commandline etc.

I hope I have posted to the right mail address - I am not used to  
participate actively in a list.
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