GNUPGHOME for Linux?

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Stefan X wrote:
> Hi!
> On Linux I would like to change the homedirectory from ~/.gnupg to
> /something/else.
> Defining GNUPGHOME has no effect on my Linux system while it worked on
> Windows. Does this option not exist in GnuPG for Linux? How to define
> something similar.
> Because I want to use gnupg indirectly through other porgrams I can NOT
> use a parameter such as "--homedir".
> The only workaround I found was setting HOME to /something/else and use
> /something/else/.gnupg . But this is ugly.
> Any ideas?
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That the beauty of Linux usually more than one way to do something

Since I keep my keyrings on a usb drive, I use the command
ln -s /path/to/keyrings .gnupg
cavent that there's no current .gnupg dir.  You could rename current
.gnupg to .gnupg-old then anytime you wanted to point to it
ln -sf .gnupg-old .gnupg

this makes a symbiloc link between the two directories and gpg will see
all /path/to/keyrings as .gnupg

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