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Sat Sep 6 04:35:08 CEST 2008

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David Vegano escribió:
> Great, but I don´t use any encrypt method for my emails.
> I use gpg for protect my personal photos, of birthdays, holidays...

  Well, I don't know what other people would think about keyloggers and
the use of gpg just for file encryption, but I think in your case, a
keylogger would not be so terrible (provided it doesn't steal your
pass). But the problem is, if you already have a keylogger, you don't
know what else you could have. And the problem with encryption, is you
will always need a password to decrypt, so, instead of stealing your
key's pass, they can steal the pass used to decrypt the keyring, and
then they can steal the keyring itself. Another option is to use a
keyfile, instead of a password, but then you would need to protect that
keyfile... so you would have to encrypt it, and use another keyfile,
which would have to be encrypted...

  Or you can put your keyring in a removable media, like an USB flash
memory stick... but remember these devices can "die", and if you lose
your private keyring, you lose all the encrypted files too, since there
is no way to decrypt them without the keys... At least, you should have
a reliable backup.

 If you use windows, maybe you should install software to keep the
computer "clean" from malware. I don't know what is recommended for
other operating systems... Since I use windows, I know a couple of free
tools, like antivirus, firewall, and such, that can help a lot to keep
windows "safe".

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