Req. advice on automated gpg batch job and storage of private key/keyring offline

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Mon Sep 15 19:13:00 CEST 2008

John French johnlfrench at wrote on
Sun Sep 14 18:18:19 CEST 2008 :

>I want to keep the public key on the server to
>encrypt the card numbers when entered by account holders
>and prior to db storage

>When its time to run the cards
>against the cc merchant account, 
>I'd like to go to a password protected ssl
>page on my site and enter (paste)  the key as ASCII (armored) 
>and allow the php script to decrypt the cc numbers, process them 
and >exit, all in memory.

> If I remove the private keyring, 
> gnupg complains about the keyring being missing 
> and goes so far as to recreate it

i don't know much about php scripts on ssl sites,
but if you accept that part of your plan as 'secure',
then this may be a way of using gnupg to accomplish what you want:

[1] generate a keypair that you don't use for anything, and keep 
the resulting public and secret keyrings on the server
(this will eliminate any error messages from gnupg, as well as 
providing a secret keyring to be able to import into)

[2] when you are ready to decrypt, import the secret key from your 
php script

[3] when you are done, remove the secret key from the keyring,
with this command:
gpg --delete-secret-key 0x'rest of numeric key id'
(the says that for batch files, the key 'name' is not good 
for this command)

Robert's precautions/advice should be very seriously considered,
as you might face considerable legal responsibility if any part of 
your procedure proves to be 'hackable' and the cc's numbers 
revealed ...


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