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Faramir faramir.cl at gmail.com
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Lawrence C. Chin escribió:
> Sorry I really don't know why, when I added this
> lawrence.changlung.chin_at_gmail.com new account to my enigmail and sent
> my previous two messages from it, I still ended up sending it out from
> my kurtc dummie account? Can anyone help me? I must have done something
> wrong in the account settings....

  Thunderbird uses the first SMTP server you added, as default SMTP,
unless you add another one, and tell it to use that one (I have several
accounts, and each one uses its own SMTP account). You can change that
setting from the Account Management (or is it Account Settings?), in the
main "folder" (that thing that says something like
Gmail-lawrence.changlung.chin at gmail.com). There is the place where you
can select the SMTP to be used with that account... but you need to add
the new SMTP account first. Do it from the same Account Settings screen,
at the bottom there is the Outgoing Mail Server section (again, maybe my
translation is not accurate... but you will recognise it when you see it).

  Now I am thinking maybe it is not bad if you keep using the old
SMTP... it would allow you to receive a copy of your messages sent to
email lists (once you add your new address to the list), and maybe it
would make it harder for spammers to harvest your email address...

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