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Wed Sep 17 19:45:05 CEST 2008

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Wed Sep 17 18:21:42 CEST 2008 :

>I think you're confusing the notion of the "default" algorithm with
>the "preferred" algorithm.  The default algorithm in OpenPGP is 

why then, if there are no preferences used, 
or listed in the gpg.conf file,
does gnupg use CAST-5 instead of 3DES 'by default' for symmetric 
encryption when no key is used.

c:\gnupg>gpg -c c:\t.txt
gpg: using cipher CAST5
gpg: writing to `c:\t.txt.gpg'

by when gnupg generates a new key, even though the top of the key's 
preferences is AES, the cipher which protects the secret key, is 
still CAST-5 and not 3DES

if there were a new minimalist 'open pgp implementation' that used 
only 3DES as its encryption algorithm, and gnupg send a 
symmetrically encypted message,
then 'by gnupg default settings' it would be incompatible.

(some people actually do send conventionally encrypted messages to 
users they know personally, ;-)

"great to hear that you're using an open-pgp program,
i'll be sending you my public key in an encrypted message that only 
needs a passphrase,
i wrote it down for you, here,
then send me a reply that is encrypted to my key"

theoretically, also
if someone wanted to use this new program that had only 3DES, and 
tried to import a keypair made with the default setting in gnupg, 
it wouldn't be usable, because the secret key is, 'by default' 
protected with CAST-5, not 3DES


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