Changing preferences

Sven Radde email at
Thu Sep 18 14:26:56 CEST 2008

Robert J. Hansen schrieb:
> Right, but where is this preference actually used?  personal-*-prefs
> seems to rule the roost.
Now, as the sender is the one that creates the message, you would have a
hard time to force him doing something.
Therefore it is quite reasonable to have the sender's preferences be the
primary indicator of the algorithm to choose (as long as it is possible
for the recipient to decrypt).

Think of the implications if GnuPG was to implement an actual preference
system for the algorithms that would do a fair tradeoff between the
sender's preferences and those of the recpients. Alone defining "fair"
would be far from easy. In fact, I'm quite sure it would boil down to
"if in doubt, use the sender's preference".

cu, Sven

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